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Practice Summary

Christopher Style is a Queen’s Counsel and arbitrator practising at One Essex Court.  He has 40 years experience of international dispute resolution, including acting as counsel and as arbitrator in institutional and ad hoc references involving many systems of law and with seats in many of the centres of international arbitration. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the LCIA and one of the UK’s representatives on the ICC Commission on Arbitration. He is also a CEDR accredited mediator.

Between 1977 and 2012 Christopher practised at an international law firm.  He acquired solicitor's higher courts rights in 1997 and was appointed silk in 2006.  His practice has included disputes in many of the principal industry sectors, including banking and finance, energy and resources, construction and infrastructure, professional services, shipping and commodities, transport, hospitality and leisure, insurance, healthcare and pharmaceuticals and technology and telecommunications.  He was called to the Bar to develop his practice as arbitrator in international commercial arbitration.

Christopher enjoys wide market recognition. 


Chambers: "He is efficient, dedicated and really bright. A no-nonsense, firm Chairman."

Legal 500: "One of the best arbitrators; handles disputes calmly, fairly and with authority."

Who's Who: “A brilliant lawyer and a pleasure to work with”; peers commend his “outstanding awards”.


Chambers: "Bright, very good at the detail and really hard-working. He has a nice manner about him."

Legal 500: "An outstanding presiding arbitrator who demonstrates a close mastery of the file."

Who’s Who: Hailed by sources as “intellectually first class, with a firm grasp of both detail and procedure” and someone who is “able to handle some very knotty issues.”


Chambers: "He is absolutely first class. Really bright and organised with a very good manner."

Legal 500: "Efficient, sensible and an excellent tribunal chair."

GAR: "a firm favourite for many market sources, who consider him "energetic, effective and a pleasure to work with"."

Who's Who: "He draws high praise for his outstanding work."


Chambers: "Very responsive. He has a pleasant demeanour, is open to both parties and makes you feel you're getting a fair hearing."

Legal 500: "A very organised and efficient chairman who gets to the heart of the matter patiently and in an agreeable fashion."

GAR: “One of the country’s foremost arbitrators. Demonstrates expertise in all aspects of commercial arbitration.”

Who's Who: "Smart, supremely organised and a real pleasure to work with."


  • Recent Arbitration Experience

    Christopher’s recent arbitration experience includes the following:

    • claim by Mauritius company against Dubai and Cayman parties relating to investment in the healthcare market (LCIA, Geneva)
    • claim by Mauritius company for wrongful termination of power project in Africa (LCIA, London)
    • claim against guarantor in relation to leasehold property in Moscow (LCIA, London)
    • claim for defective manufacturer of components in aeroplane sector (ICC, Paris)
    • Korean retailer's breach of warranty claim against Dutch and English sellers (ICC, London)
    • dispute between Chinese and Australian parties alleging unlawful termination of franchise for sale of ice cream (ICC, London)
    • claim by BVI purchaser against Zambian seller of emeralds (ICC, London)
    • alleged breach of management agreement for apartments in Dubai (DIFC-LCIA, Dubai)
    • dispute between US and UAE parties to joint venture in healthcare sector (DIFC-LCIA, DIFC)
    • claim by Japanese company under put option in Shareholders Agreement relating to an Indian telco (LCIA, London)
    • challenge by BVI company to claim to forfeiture of interest in Indonesian oil and gas project (SIAC, Singapore)
    • dispute concerning the validity of resolutions of UAE joint venture company (DIAC, Dubai)
    • dispute between UAE entities concerning the amount due under an SPA relating to shares in a construction business (DIAC, Dubai)
    • post-acquisition claims between Luxembourg buyer and Swedish seller in education sector (SCC, Stockholm)
    • amount due on purchase of shares under joint venture between Panamanian and BVI parties for the operation of a fleet of bulk carriers (LCIA, London)
    • dispute concerning Danish company’s termination of hotel management agreement with Dubai owners (ICC, Dubai)
    • claims between US and Maldives parties to money transfer agreement (UNCITRAL, London)
    • fee dispute under consultancy agreement between BVI and Japanese parties relating to the development of life science products (ICC, London)
    • claim by Spanish manufacturer against Indian buyer concerning the construction of a thermo-solar power plant in India (ICC, London)
    • dispute between Turkish and US parties to a non-competition agreement relating to investments in a chain of drugstores in Turkey (ICC, London)
    • Ukraine sellers claim against Israeli bank for failure to complete purchase of shares in a Ukraine bank (LCIA, London)
    • Dutch bank enforcing pledge of grain in Kazakhstan as security for a loan (LCIA, London)
    • Spanish technology company seeks specific performance by Cypriot company of call option over shares in Russian telcos (LCIA, London)
    • claim against Korean bank for amounts due under guarantees (ICC, Singapore)
    • dispute between UAE and Chinese companies concerning fees due under facility to fund mobile telephony in Zimbabwe (LCIA, London)
    • dispute between UAE companies relating to development of oilfields in Iraq (LCIA, London)
    • claim against Cayman energy provider on termination of electricity and gas supply agreement (LCIA, London)
    • claim against Swiss company concerning the management of a hotel in Zanzibar (ICC, London)
    • joint venture concerning tourism services in Russian Federation (LCIA, London)
    • claims between Cypriot parties under SPA relating to Ukraine telco (LCIA, London)
    • dispute concerning iron ore mining project in Africa (ICC, London)
    • validity of forfeiture of participating interest in oilfield in Asia (ICC, Geneva)
    • breach of joint development project in Africa (LCIA, London)
    • claim under contract for the supply of pesonnel to gas processing facility in Africa (ICC, London)
    • dispute between Swiss and Indian parties to contract for the sale of Indonesian steam coal (LCIA, London)
    • claim by French bank to recover amounts due from Indian counterparty to derivatives (LCIA, London)
    • claim under guarantee by Russian company of loan by French bank (LCIA, London)
    • challenge to award against defence company obtained by Middle East State (ICC, the Hague)
    • development of a gold mine in the Russian Federation (LCIA, London)
    • dispute between two airlines concerning agreement to develop a new hub (NAI, the Hague)
    • amount due to US placement agent from Spanish sponsor to infrastructure fund (LCIA, London)
    • resisting enforcement of award in five countries in dispute between Telcos (UNCITRAL, Vienna)
    • challenge to award under gas sales agreement on competition grounds (ad hoc, Copenhagen)
    • ownership of Telco interests in Serbia (Zurich Chamber, Zurich)
    • disputes between partners in professional service firms (LCIA, ad hoc, London)
    • disputes arising out of a Chinese shipbuilder’s defective construction of an oil platform for a Brazilian company (LMAA, London)