Chambers offers each pupil £75,000, supplemented by earnings in the second six. It is our understanding that this is amongst the highest remuneration package available to pupils.

Under the current arrangements agreed between the Bar Council and the Inland Revenue, pupillage awards are tax-free in respect of the first six months, but taxable in respect of the second six months. Accordingly, the award scheme is in two parts.


In respect of the first six months there is a scholarship of £50,000. Of this, up to £25,000 may be advanced, on request, during a prospective pupil's Bar Practice Course (“BPC”;) year. Sums advanced are repayable if a pupil fails to complete the first six months of his or her pupillage. The scholarship, less any amount advanced during the BPC year, is paid in six equal monthly instalments.


In respect of the second six months, there is an award of £25,000, paid in the same way.

In addition to the award, pupils also retain any amounts earned for small advocacy or other work done in their own right during the second six months. While the primary purpose of this work is to gain experience, over the past three years pupils have typically earned an average in the region of £7,500 (the range is from approximately £3,000 to £13,000) in respect of the second six.

Chambers will pay the fees for all compulsory courses offered through the Bar Council or the Inns such as “Advice to Counsel”, accountancy and advocacy courses and will usually look favourably on applications for support for other courses, e.g., advanced advocacy courses.


Applicants should also be aware that each Inn offers substantial scholarships to assist prospective barristers in funding their BPC year (and, where applicable, study towards the GDL). Application for these scholarships is made to the Inns. In the past, many students who subsequently became pupils in Chambers had been awarded scholarships by their Inns.