Junior tenants


Members of Chambers enjoy a high standard of accommodation. All members have their own rooms from the outset and enjoy the advantages of a helpful and efficient Clerks’ Room and administrative and other support staff.

One Essex Court is a friendly and informal place from which to practise. It is always easy to find someone to give a quick informal view on a point that has arisen and there are numerous opportunities for socialising within Chambers.

Unlike many professions, barristers are permitted a great degree of responsibility at an early stage and experience an enormous variety of different kinds of work and challenges. Barristers also have a remarkable degree of independence and flexibility in the way they organise their working lives.

Working hours, for example, are matters of individual preference rather than partnership or senior management edict. There is generous scope for parental leave (see a copy of Chambers’ Parental Leave Policy here) and sabbaticals. Once a barrister has secured a tenancy he or she has, by contrast to practically any other occupation, an extraordinary security of tenure.

Whilst barristers are self-employed, our experience is that the average earnings of first year tenants at One Essex Court far exceed the pupillage award and compare very favourably to first year earnings at other commercial chambers and city solicitor firms. To assist new tenants with making the initial transition from pupillage to tenancy, Chambers also offers an interest free loan of up to £25,000 to new tenants upon completion of pupillage.