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Practice Summary

Lord Grabiner is a commercial lawyer with a substantial court, arbitration and advisory practice. For over 40 years he has been involved in many of the highest profile commercial disputes that have been fought in London. Specialising in banking & finance, energy/oil and gas, civil fraud, competition and merger investigations and shareholder disputes, Lord Grabiner is highly experienced both as an advocate in the High Court and as arbitration counsel.  He also sits as an arbitrator in domestic and international arbitrations.


"He is a man for the big occasion." "When it comes to client management and strategic discussions he can be trusted implicitly." "He has massive gravitas, which deploys effectively both in and out of court." Chambers UK 2017 - Commercial Dispute Resolution

A doyen of the Commercial Bar with several decades of experience of appearing in the leading cases of the day, including a significant number in the House of Lords and the Supreme Court. "His sense of the lie of the land is incredible. He is so approachable, open and unbelievably intuitive." "A huge name at the Bar. He is very user-friendly, has a great manner with clients and has real gravitas and precision." Chambers UK 2017 - Banking and Finance

"He is off the scale in terms of his ability to deal with difficult and serious matters. You get him out for the largest clients who need the best advice and he delivers it with great humour and aplomb. He can hold the board of a very large company in the palm of his hand." Chambers UK 2017 - Energy & Natural Resources

"Tony has got the most amazing judgment. I really value his integrity, his judgment and his experience." "Lord Grabiner remains on of the most eminent counsel at the Bar. He has great personal force and presence in court, and commands considerable respect from the Bench." Chambers UK 2017 - Civil Fraud

"Widely regarded as one of the most pre-eminent and highly experienced silks at the Commercial Bar, who has a dazzling track record in a large number of the most high profile cases of the past few decades". "He has great personal presence in court and commands considerable respect from the bench". "He is in a league of his own, both tough and authoritive". Chambers UK 2016

"A confirmed star of the Commercial Bar who draws praise from across the market for his superlative advocacy, masterful courtroom presence and strategic intelligence."  Chambers UK 2015

"Anthony Grabiner draws universal admiration and respect as one of the true heavyweights of the Commercial Bar.  The depth of his skills across a breathtaking range of legal areas, together with his long history of success in the most complex and high profile cases, mark him out as one of the leading advocates of his generation, and a giant of English Law." Chambers UK 2014

"Brings an unrivalled courtroom presence to bear and has an outstanding ability to focus both clients and the court on the essentials of a case." Chambers UK 2014

"He is at the pinnacle of the commercial dispute resolution sphere and is a big figure at the Commercial Bar. He is clever and an extremely effective courtroom operator." Chambers UK 2014

"Lord Grabiner remains one of the most eminent counsel at the Bar. He has great personal presence in court and commands considerable respect from the bench. Behind the scenes he gives clear, clever and practical advice, has invaluable insight into tactical issues and knows what arguments will appeal to the court and what points can and cannot successfully be run. He is very easy to work with, popular and respected by clients and opponents."   Chambers UK 2013

In court he has "a bearing which immediatley commands respect." One of the go-to silks of the modern era. Chambers & Partners UK 2012  

Anthony Grabiner QC's "reputation precedes him" and clients confirm he "undoubtedly lives up to his profile as a star at the Bar." Lauded for his "superb judgment," interviewees say: "He offers invaluable insight into tactical issues and has a great ability to know what arguments will appeal to the court." Chambers UK 2012

One of the most illustrious silks at the Commerical Bar. Not only is he an "incisive and instinctive advocate" who "has judges deferring to his gravitas," he also possesses "superb client skills." Chambers UK 2012