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Members of One Essex Court regularly provide talks, presentations and seminars on a wide range of topical issues affecting the many sectors in which we provide expertise.

Individual members are available to attend at solicitor/client premises, for either internal department based presentations, or at larger client orientated functions.  Talks and seminars can be tailored to meet any specific needs and we are also able to hold presentations here at One Essex Court.

If you would like any further information in relation to One Essex Court seminars, then please contact Lorraine Lister or Sophie Biggs on + 44 (0)20 7583 2000 and at seminars@oeclaw.co.uk

The following seminars are currently available:

  • Arbitration

    • A Primer on Investor-State Arbitration
    • Arbitrability and the arbitration of corporate and insolvency disputes
    • Arbitration – recent cases on arbitrator challenges
    • Arbitration – recent cases on section 68 challenges
    • Arbitration against Absent Respondents
    • Bilateral Investment Treaties and Tax
    • Challenges to Arbitral Awards
    • Evidence in International Arbitration
    • Freezing injunctions in support of arbitration proceedings
    • Introduction to Arbitration (seminar aimed at newly qualified solicitors)
    • Multiple arbitration agreements: a cautionary case study
    • Recalcitrant Parties in Investment Treaty Arbitration
    • Reforming the Arbitration Act 1996
    • Rules on Act of State/Non-Justiciability in International Arbitration
    • The Proper Law of the Arbitration Agreement and Anti-suit injunctions: Recent Developments
  • Banking and Financial Services

    • A question of integrity: FCA Principle 1
    • Capacity to contract: the problem in banking law that doesn’t go away
    • Key banking law themes and decisions 2022-2023
    • Recent Banking Cases – Capacity, Bribery and Jurisdiction
    • Recent Developments in Banking Law
    • The Quincecare duty on banks not to make a payment on a customer instruction
  • Civil Fraud and Investigations

    • Economic Torts
    • Evidential issues in complex fraud cases subject to litigation and arbitration
    • HP, Autonomy and Mike Lynch: the abridged version of this year’s landmark fraud judgment
    • I lied, but you were not deceived: knowledge and awareness in fraud and misrepresentation
    • Rescission for Misrepresentation
    • Setting aside judgments after Takhar: what next?
    • Settling claims in fraud, dishonesty and conspiracy: principles and practicalities in the light of the recent Court of Appeal decision in Maranello Rosso Ltd v Lohomij, Bonhams & ors.
    • Uncovering and preserving evidence in fraud claims: search orders, Norwich Pharmacal orders and the ancillary disclosure jurisdiction
  • Company Law and Insolvency

    • Directors’ Disqualification
    • Directors’ Duties
    • Directors’ Duties and Disqualification
    • Horses for courses – different approaches to shareholder disputes
    • Minority Shareholder Remedies - Just and Equitable Winding Up and Derivative Actions
    • Shareholder actions and pitfalls in corporate litigation
    • The duties of directors in the light of the Supreme Court’s decision in BTI v Sequana
    • Unfair Prejudice and Derivative Actions
  • Competition Law

    • Competition Law
    • Merger control / new rules on screening incoming foreign direct investment
    • The New Collective Proceedings Regime for Competition Law Claims following Brexit
    • Umbrella Proceedings Orders in the CAT
  • Contract Law and Unjust Enrichment

    • 150 Years of the Indian Contract Act
    • An introduction to the law of Unjust Enrichment
    • Construction and Enforceability of Settlement Agreements
    • Contract Termination Clauses
    • Contractual Construction and Rectification
    • Contractual Damages and Exemption Clauses
    • Contractual Termination and Liquidated Damages: Recent Cases
    • COVID-19: Frustration Primer
    • Entire Agreement Clauses and Contractual Estoppel
    • Express Termination Clauses in Contract
    • Force majeure in relation to contracts
    • Negotiating Damages
    • Penalty Clauses
    • Recent Developments in Unjust Enrichment and Restitution
    • Rescission of contracts
    • Termination of Contracts
  • Private International Law

    • Claims for contribution under Rome II
    • Claims for declaratory relief in the context of jurisdictional disputes
    • Forum Non Conveniens – Back in fashion?
    • Jurisdiction – recent developments
    • Jurisdiction and Choice of Law Clauses
    • Jurisdiction and International Litigation (seminar aimed at newly qualified solicitors)
    • Jurisdictional Challenges to Shareholder Disputes
    • Service out, jurisdictional gateways, and forum non conveniens
    • When and how to serve out of the jurisdiction
  • Practical Guides to Litigation

    • Analysing and Building a Case (seminar aimed at newly qualified solicitors)
    • A barrister’s perspective on spreadsheets in litigation: digging below the surface, practical tips, and explaining spreadsheets to a Judge
    • Discounted Cash Flow Modelling for lawyers
    • Evidence at trial – advanced issues for litigators
    • Expert Evidence in Civil Proceedings (seminar aimed at newly qualified solicitors)
    • Key changes to the 11th edition of the Commercial Court Guide (2022)
    • Litigating in practice: top tips for getting a case from commencement to trial
    • Practicalities of written and/or oral advocacy
    • Preparation for Trial
    • The Use and Abuse of Experts
    • Witness Evidence: A Practical Overview
  • Privilege and Civil Procedure

    • (The) Bearing Witness: Navigating Practice Direction 57AC
    • An overview of the law of privilege
    • CPR in Flux: Procedural Law Review
    • Disclosure obligations: recent developments
    • Exaggerated damages claims as an abuse of process: Wither Arrow Nominees Inc v Blackledge and Summers v Fairclough Homes Ltd?
    • PD57AD – knotty issues
    • Pre-Action Disclosure
    • Procedural issues in taking tax appeals
    • Protective Claim Forms, Limitation and Striking Out for Abuse of Process
    • Waiver of Privilege
    • Without Prejudice Privilege
  • Injunctions and Interim Remedies

    • Freezing orders and Chabra orders
    • Freezing relief in support of foreign proceedings
    • Pre-Action and Specific Disclosure and Norwich Pharmacal Orders
    • Search Orders and contempt – lessons from the recent Ocado v McKeeve action
    • The duty of full and frank disclosure in ex parte applications
    • Worldwide Freezing Injunctions
    • Worldwide Freezing Orders (and the impact of the decision in FSDEA v Dos Santos)
  • Other

    • Auditors’ Negligence
    • Breach of Confidence Claims
    • Breach of Warranty Claims
    • Case Law Review of 2022
    • Claims of interest in litigation and arbitration
    • Climate change litigation – what are the private law risks?
    • Commercial Agency Regulations
    • ESG Litigation
    • Experiments in patent litigation
    • Introduction to emissions (carbon) trading for disputes lawyers
    • Is your claim really too old? Extended limitation periods under Sections 14A, 32
    • Joint venture disputes with reference to Garnet v VRFB [2022] EWHC 481 (Ch)
    • Letters of Request/Examinations
    • Litigating in Cyprus in 2023: the new Civil Procedure Rules and Commercial Court
    • Magicians, Psychopaths and Lawyers: Alternative Perspectives on Dispute Resolution
    • Penalties and Perjury:  To what extent can a dishonest but successful party recover costs
    • Post-Acquisition Disputes (Share Purchase Agreements, etc.)
    • Pre-judgment interest after Prudential Assurance Co Ltd v HMRC [2018] UKSC 39 and Carrasco v Johnson [2018] EWCA Civ 87
    • The effect of Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine on international construction projects

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