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Recommended by Legal 500 (Banking & Finance, Commercial Litigation Energy and Natural Resources, International Arbitration, Professional Negligence and Civil Fraud), Chambers & Partners UK (Commercial Dispute Resolution, Banking and Finance, Civil Fraud, International Arbitration and Energy & Natural Resources) and Legal Experts (Banking, Commercial Litigation & Fraud) and named as one of the “Hot 100” by The Lawyer magazine for 2012, Alain Choo Choy QC's practice covers the full range of company and commercial litigation, arbitration and advisory work. He has a particular interest in cases involving banking and financial services, civil fraud, jurisdiction and conflict of laws disputes. Alain has experience at all levels of the High Court, including the appellate courts.  In addition, he has appeared before the House of Lords (now the Supreme Court), the Office of the Rail Regulator, the Technology and Construction Court, the Grand  Court of the Cayman Islands, the BVI Commercial Court and Court of Appeal, the Mauritius Supreme Court and in various commercial arbitrations governed under a variety of rules, both in England and abroad (in particular, Paris, Hong Kong & Singapore). Alain is fluent in French.

Alain is, for the heaviest of cases, a truly unique combination of outstanding intellectual and forensic power and excellent team skills.” Legal 500 2020 – Commercial Litigation

Very hard working, collegiate and engaging and kind with clients – he is a delight to work with.” Legal 500 2020 – Banking and Finance

He has brilliant people skills, even when under tremendous pressure.” Legal 500 2020 – Civil: Fraud

Very hardworking, collegiate, engaging and kind with clients.” Legal 500 2020 - Energy

"His strategic thinking is up there with the best." "No one is more hard-working than Alain and he is able to form effective teams that clients can work with well." Chambers and Partners UK 2020 - Banking & Finance

"He is a fantastic oral advocate and has a good way of making his dispute come alive with his inventive ideas." "Alain is technically superb, very hard-working, responsive and client-friendly." "He is very bright and analytical." Chambers and Partners UK 2020 - Energy & Natural Resources 

"He combines a very good brain with a wonderful affability that can defuse difficult situations." "He's approachable and always willing to help." "He's bright, personable and very well thought of." "He's incredibly genial and a pleasure to work with. He's also a very effective cross-examiner." Chambers and Partners UK 2020 - Civil Fraud

"Very bright and analytical." "Always really positive no matter how difficult the case." Chambers and Partners UK 2020 - International Arbitration: Counsel 

"Clever, hard-working and a real team player, he is a pleasure to work with and a great advocate who is on top of every point." Chambers and Partners UK 2020 - Commercial Dispute Resolution 

"Very intelligent, likeable, open-minded and works with you as part of the team." Legal 500 2019 - Banking & Finance

"An outstanding commercial silk who comes up with solutions few others would think of." Legal 500 2019 - Commercial Litigation 

"A strong presence in the market – technically superb, very hardworking and responsive." Legal 500 2019 - Energy

"A technically excellent and forensic barrister." Legal 500 2019 - Civil Fraud

"Very knowledgeable." Legal 500 2019 - Professional Negligence

"A charming barrister who people listen to, he's got the capacity to argue anything." "He's a real pleasure to work with, and is very approachable, collaborative and responsive." Chambers and Partners UK 2019 - Commercial Dispute Resolution

"Superb intellect." "Very approachable and a pleasure to work with." Chambers and Partners UK 2019 - International Arbitration: Counsel

"Incredibly clever. He manages to articulate both legal concepts and strategies in a very user-friendly and commercial manner." "Very thorough and easy to work with." Chambers and Partners UK 2019 - Fraud: Civil

"Very bright and very enthusiastic, he's someone you definitely want on your side at trial or at a hearing. He's quite creative and always fizzing with ideas on how to deal with things." "He's fiercely bright and very constructive in his dealings with solicitors and clients." Chambers and Partners UK 2019 - Energy & Natural Resources

"He's an enthusiastic and very inventive advocate." Chambers and Partners UK 2019 - Banking & Finance

"A very good, hardworking advocate who has an easy manner with clients." Legal 500 2018 - Banking & Finance

"His legal analysis is brilliant and he is an absolute pleasure to work with." Legal 500 2018 Commercial Litigation

"Extremely bright and user friendly." Legal 500 2018  Energy

"Knocking on the door of being one of the top silks in London." Legal 500 2018 - Fraud: Civil

"An excellent all-round advocate and a pleasure to work with." Legal 500 2018 - International Arbitration: Counsel

"Has a highly pronounced work ethic and the ability to both comprehend the full factual scenario and get to grips with hugely complex points of law." "He has a mathematical brain, and is incredibly methodical." Chambers and Partners UK 2018 - Energy & Natural Resources

"Phenomenally clever, he has a prodigious grasp of the facts, and is a delight to work with due to his responsiveness and quality analysis of a case." Chambers and Partners UK 2018 - Commercial Dispute Resolution

"Fun to work with, innovative and a tenacious advocate." "He is very clever and very enthusiastic, and has a great grasp of the detail in a case." Chambers and Partners UK 2018 - Banking & Finance

"A pleasure to work with." "An excellent silk. At the top of his game and an obvious choice for tough cases." Chambers and Partners UK 2018 - Fraud: Civil

"Fantastic with clients, quick-thinking and a good cross-examiner. He pitches his submission at the right level and gets engagement from the tribunal." Chambers and Partners UK 2018 - International Arbitration: General Commercial & Insurance

"He is incredibly hard-working and has a very nice manner with solicitors and judges." "An excellent trial advocate whom judges really listen to." Chambers and Partner UK 2017 - Commercial Dispute Resolution

"He is utterly charming and clearly knows the detail. Judges trust and react very well to him." "Extremely bright, he is a very powerful advocate." Chambers and Partners UK 2017 - Banking and Finance

'Very bright and a pleasure to work with'. Chambers and Partners UK 2017 - Civil Fraud

'Incredibly hard working, very good and a very nice lawyer who is absolutely dedicated to his work.' 'He's a mathematical guy so he's very methodical and a seriously good silk.' Chambers and Partners UK 2017 - Energy & Natural Resources

'Bright, dynamic, intelligent and user friendly.' Chambers UK 2017 - International Arbitration: General Commercial & Insurance