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"He's fantastic: hard-working, incredibly intelligent and a great team player with excellent judgement. He's never been known to put in a bad performance. He's a thoroughly nice human being." (Chambers Global 2021 – Commercial Chancery)

"He is a phenomenally clever barrister but just has this amazing personality and endless energy. He never gives up. He sees every angle and is forensic in a way that I've never seen before." "He doesn't go over the top yet stands and fights his corner, telling the judge that he disagrees in a measured way." (Chambers & Partners 2021 – Banking & Finance)

"When you go into court, you know that he will have thought through every angle and will be as prepared as one can possibly be – phenomenally clever, but down to earth and a great a team player." (The Legal 500 2021 – Fraud: Civil)


Experienced in all forms of commercial litigation, international arbitration and advisory work, Tony de Garr Robinson QC has been ranked as a leading practitioner in many areas for over 25 years.  A heavyweight practitioner with a significant cross border and arbitral practice, he is often brought in on cases which are outside the fields in which he established his practice.

Described by Chambers and Partners in 2015 as “rapidly becoming one of the leading commercial silks of his generation”, Tony is regularly instructed in the largest and most complex commercial disputes.  Noted for his grasp of the details of even the most technically difficult cases and for his skill in cross-examination, he combines intellectual rigour and creativity with a friendly, down-to-earth and practical manner that sets clients at their ease – as the feedback from independently researched legal directories makes clear.

His leading position is reflected in a track record that includes many high profile cases in the areas of banking and finance, company and partnership, commercial chancery, fraud and other areas of commercial litigation and arbitration. Several of these cases have been singled out as ‘cases of the year’ by major guides.  Numerous examples can be found by following the links below, but recent cases include:

  • Re Prudential Assurance Company Ltd and Rothesay Life Plc [2020] EWCA Civ 1626: represented the Association of British Insurers, interveners in this landmark appeal on the approach the court should adopt on applications to sanction transfers of insurance business under Part VII of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. See
  • The Post Office Group Litigation (2018 and 2019): acted for the Post Office in the high-profile claim by 561 sub-postmasters that the Post Office’s electronic accounting system created false losses in branch accounts. Said to be worth c.£120m, the claim was for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, negligent misstatement, deceit, economic duress, harassment and malicious prosecution.
    This was one of The Lawyer’s Top 20 cases for 2018. See
  • Bluewaters Communications v Bayerische Landesbank, Bernard Ecclestone and another (2018): instructed by Bernie Ecclestone in a £500m-plus bribery claim alleging conspiracy and unlawful interference in relation to the 2006 takeover of the Formula One Group.
    This was another of The Lawyer’s Top 20 cases for 2018. See
  • Re Edwardian Group Limited [2019] 1 BCLC 171: represented the majority shareholders in an unfair prejudice petition relating to a £1bn hotel group. The case raised important issues concerning the unfair prejudice jurisdiction. After a 7 week trial, the claim against his clients was dismissed.
  • The Libyan Investment Authority v Société Générale (2017): acted for Société Générale in a claim that the LIA was induced to buy over £2 billion in structured investment products by bribery of senior officials in the Gaddafi regime.
    This was one of The Lawyer’s Top 20 cases for 2017. See
  • Palmerston Hotels and Resorts v Brocket Hall (UK) Limited [2016] EWHC 2018 (Comm): acted for the owner of a well-known golf club and luxury resort in an LCIA arbitration regarding the termination of a 35-year management contract and in an application for an injunction to restrain termination of the contract pending the appointment of arbitrators. See


What the market says:

Over the course of his career, Tony has attracted many comments from clients, instructing solicitors and opponents. Here are a few of the more recent examples: 

  • "Has a real eye for detail, is very approachable and is a strong advocate." "He always delivers a fantastic performance and is incredibly bright and hard-working." (Chambers & Partners 2021 – Commercial Dispute Resolution)
  • “A phenomenally clever barrister who sees every angle and never gives up. He is exacting, precise and at the same time deeply charming." (Chambers & Partners 2021 – Company)
  • "He always delivers a fantastic performance and is incredibly bright and hard-working." (Chambers & Partners 2021 – Chancery: Commercial)
  • "He is very quick and clever." "A robust advocate." "A phenomenally clever barrister who is forensic and precise." (Chambers & Partners 2021 – Fraud: Civil)
  • “Extremely rigorous in his approach to analysing the law and the evidence, and a persuasive advocate.” (Legal 500 2021 – Banking and Finance)
  • ‘He is a true expert in company law disputes. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law and great judgement. " (Legal 500 2021 – Company and Partnership)
  • "Utterly meticulous in his preparation." "Anthony is an impressive strategist with a keen eye for detail, who's great at finding the pressure points in a case." (Chambers Global 2020 – Dispute Resolution: Commercial)
  • "Knows everything there is to be known about company law shareholder disputes." "He's a fantastic advocate who's very bright and has fantastic client-handling skills." (Chambers Global 2020 – Dispute Resolution: Commercial Chancery)
  • "He remains a go-to silk for banking and commercial matters..." (Chambers & Partners 2020 – Chancery: Commercial)
  • “He's very charming, which can be dangerous for the opposition." "He doesn't lose the judge, even with a mountain of detail, as he picks and selects the right points that demonstrate where the merits of a case lie." (Chambers & Partners 2020 – Fraud: Civil)
  • "Very clever and brilliant on paper - his written work is top-notch." "He has an outstandingly forensic mind and is academically one of the best lawyers out there." (Chambers & Partners 2020 – Banking & Finance)
  • "Extremely responsive and someone who offers the most practical legal advice." (Chambers & Partners 2020 – Company)
  • "Outstanding – a leading advocate in the area of banking litigation." (Legal 500 2020 – Banking & Finance)
  • "The advocate I would most like to have in the trenches next to me on the most demanding matters." (Legal 500 2020– Civil Fraud)
  • "A fantastic advocate with fantastic client handling skills, who’s a real team player." (Chambers & Partners, Company 2019)
  • "His legal expertise, eloquence and diligence stand out, and the quality of his work is simply superb." "Has a keen eye for detail, and is great at finding the pressure points." “... He is an excellent litigator who takes a cerebral approach to legal problems. Works incredibly hard, and because he does a wide range of work he's really good at taking concepts from one area and applying them to others. He's just a superb litigator, and charming with it." (Chambers and Partners 2018 – Commercial Dispute Resolution)
  • "An outstanding advocate; incredibly intelligent, extremely hardworking and has fantastic judgment." (Legal 500 2018 – Banking & Finance) 
  • “A great all-rounder, he has fabulous amounts of energy and a willingness to get immersed in the detail.” (Legal 500 2018 – Civil Fraud)