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Generally recognised as one of the leading silks at the Commercial Bar, Laurence Rabinowitz QC has a wide ranging commercial litigation and arbitration practice, which includes expertise in banking and finance, company law, energy, civil fraud, competition and professional liability cases. He is recommended in both Chambers UK 2021 and The Legal 500 2020 as a leading silk in Banking & Finance, Commercial Dispute Resolution, Energy and Natural Resources, Civil Fraud, and International Arbitration (General Commercial & Insurance).  He was awarded International Arbitration Silk of the Year at the Chambers UK Bar Awards 2018 and Commercial Litigation Silk of the Year at the Chambers UK Bar Awards 2019.

He is presently acting for Visa Europe Services LLC in relation to the long-running multilateral interchange fee litigation, both before the High Court and the Competition Appeal Tribunal; for International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) in its ongoing dispute with Malaysian sovereign wealth fund, 1MDB; for Hewlett Packard in their £3.4 billion damages claim in relation to the acquisition of Autonomy; for Tesco PLC in defence of claims brought by shareholders under Section 90a FSMA 2000; and he is also acting for a major international petroleum group in an arbitration claim for c. US$5.5billlion.

Recent high-profile cases include: Travelport Ltd & Ors. v. WEX Inc. in proceedings brought into being by the SARS – Cov-2 pandemic, and which concerned a number of points relating to the proper construction of, and burden of proof in relation to, the definition of Material Adverse Effect contained in a Share Purchase Agreement; acting for the Russian Fedration in Hulley, Yukos & Ors. v. The Russian Federation in successfully resisting important applications by shareholders of Yukos in proceedings to enforce US$50 billion arbitration awards; IGE v HMRC which dealt with equitable and common law rescission, the operation of s.36 of the Limitation Act and the scope of the rule in Young v Bristol Aeroplane (which allows the Court of Appeal to decline to follow otherwise binding authority in certain circumstances);  Banco Santander Totta v Carris, the first Financial List trial, in which he acted for the successful claimant in both the Commercial Court and the Court of Appeal; The RBS Rights Issue litigation in which he acted for the institutional investors claiming over £1 billion in relation to the bank's emergency rights issue in 2008; in Sabbagh v. Khoury in the Court of Appeal where he successfully overturned the decision of Mrs Justice Carr to strike out substantial aspects of a major claim; for the successful claimants in Littlewoods Limited & Ors. v. HMRC, a claim for restitution in tax and compound interest from HMRC of more than £1.2 billion; and in Berezovsky v Abramovich, in which Laurence acted for Boris Berezovsky.

He is a Bencher of Middle Temple and a Deputy High Court Judge.

"A big name, and his reputation as one of the leading barristers is well deserved. He is very measured, client-friendly and technically sound. He further has excellent judgement." Commercial Dispute Resolution, Chambers UK 2022

"He is very client-friendly, measured, has excellent judgement and is very good technically." "In terms of the quality of analysis he brings, he is top class." International Arbitration, Chambers UK 2022

"He is incredibly impressive, clear in his thinking and gets straight to the heart of the issue. As an advocate he is persuasive, balanced and reasonable. He is a pleasure to work with." "A phenomenal silk who gives very clear, practical, commercial and strategic advice." Civil Fraud, Chambers UK 2022

"He is simply superb. He can assimilate information remarkably quickly and is always very calm and effective on his feet." "He is an extremely bright individual and top-class advocate." "He is extremely experienced and has the ear of the court." Energy & Natural Resources, Chambers UK 2022

"He is a big name and his reputation as one of the leading barristers is well deserved. He is very client-friendly, measured, has excellent judgement and is very good technically." "He is a superstar." Banking & Finance, Chambers UK 2022

"An absolute superstar who can turn his hand to anything." "One of the pre-eminent commercial silks. He's able to form a view on something quickly, which is impressive." "One of the heavyweights of the Bar. He's always calm and clients love him." Energy & Natural Resources, Chambers Global 2021

"Laurence is a go-to name. He is great on strategy and execution and thinks outside the box. He is truly fantastic on his feet." "He has a sharp legal mind and an ability to cut to the issues." International Arbitration, Chambers Global 2021

"An all-round brilliant QC who has superior judgement and great presence in court." "He has the capacity to travel intellectually down the other side's path, then lead the judge back to where he wants him to be." "You can't go wrong with him: clients really like him, he understands what they are trying to achieve and he is good at identifying an appropriate strategy." Commercial Dispute Resolution, Chambers Global 2021

"Brilliance combined with approachability, which makes a compelling combination." Commercial Litigation, Legal 500 2021-2022

 "One of the rare individuals whose reality matches his reputation. He is razor-sharp, practical, tactical and a pleasure to work with." Banking and Finance, Legal 500 2021-2022

"An outstanding intellect, he is thoughtful and a great leader whilst always taking time to understand the client’s perspective." Energy, Legal 500 2021-2022

 "He is thoughtful and a great leader whilst always taking time to understand the client’s perspective and work with the client to get to a pragmatic result." International Arbitration, Legal 500 2021-2022

 "He is barrister royalty. One of the top so intellects to whom one turns in a crisis. He couples that with approachability, responsiveness and commercial nous. He is amazing." Civil Fraud, Legal 500 2021-2022

"He is one of a handful of absolute superstars but combines it with being incredibly nice and thoughtful." Banking and Finance, Legal 500 2020-2021

 "Ferocious legal mind, combined with a steely persuasiveness – one of the superstars of the Bar." International Arbitration, Legal 500 2020-2021

"He is superhumanly responsive and yet manages to do the hard thinking necessary in the really complex cases." Commercial Litigation, Legal 500 2020-2021

 "A top-tier silk, simply one of the best, he has massive gravitas but is also a pleasure to work with." Energy, Legal 500 2020-2021

"He is astonishingly clever yet remains responsive and a pleasure to deal with – clients adore him." Civil Fraud, Legal 500 2020-2021

"Fantastic to work with, he's very clever and has an extremely nice manner with judges." "Laurie is really impressive and a real joy to work with. He is great with clients, super smart and very accessible." Chambers UK 2020 - Banking and Finance  

"He is an excellent advocate, very commercially savvy and engaging." "He is supremely intelligent and extremely persuasive. In addition to his legal acumen, he is impressive at identifying witnesses and able to draw on his experience." "He is a leading silk at the Bar and has the biggest brain and the combination of affable personality and hard work." Chambers UK 2020 - Energy & Natural Resources

"He cuts through complexity and delivers some really complex information and arguments in a very simple manner." "An excellent performer and brilliant legal mind." Chambers UK 2020 - Civil Fraud 

"An outstanding advocate of great intellect." "A go-to for any significant commercial dispute. Incredibly analytical and learned but also has a good manner and the ability to put clients at ease." Chambers UK 2020 - International Arbitration (Counsel) 

"He has a way with the court which invites its confidence, and as an opponent you know you've got to be on your 'A' game." "He has such a nice manner; he's rational and logical, and he makes the answer seem obvious." Chambers UK 2020 - Commercial Dispute Resolution

"He is a serious heavyweight when you have a problem that you don’t know the answers to." Banking and Finance, Legal 500 2019-2020

"A tremendously skilled advocate, his strategic and legal advice are spot-on." Commercial Litigation, Legal 500 2019-2020 

"So accomplished and natural, his submissions are masterpieces in elegant simplicity." Energy, Legal 500 2019-2020 

"One of the absolute superstars – stupendously clever, but also responsive, diligent and thoughtful." Civil Fraud, Legal 500 2019-2020 

"Absolutely outstanding." International Arbitration (Counsel), Legal 500 2019-2020 

"He is exceptionally talented." Professional Negligence, Legal 500 2019-2020

"A definite star. He is just truly exceptional and one of the great advocates of his generation. Extremely bright and user-friendly, he's a delight to work with." "If you have a bet-the-business case, he is the man you want representing you." "He is a very intelligent, wonderful advocate, who has a terrific manner with clients. He gives them complete reassurance."  Chambers UK 2019 - Banking & Finance

"The consummate silk; his trial skills are impeccable and his manner is perfectly gracious." "Laurie is an absolute pleasure to work with, and he manages to add value with the lightest of touches."  Chambers UK 2019 - Commercial Dispute Resolution

"An excellent advocate; in addition to his experience and judgement, he has a really nice manner with tribunals." "He's a frighteningly clever fellow who is very forthright and an excellent cross-examiner."  Chambers UK 2019 - Energy & Natural Resources

"Very bright and very client-friendly." "He gives incredibly clear advice and knows a lot about the industry."  Chambers UK  2019 - International Arbitration

‘Excellent at assimilating complex facts and adding significant value.’ Banking and Finance, Legal 500 2018-2019

‘The cleverest advocate in court, judges adore his cerebral but to-the-point style.’ Commercial Litigation, Legal 500 2018-2019

‘Outstanding; has a vast amount of experience.’ Energy, Legal 500 2018-2019

‘He is outstanding; has an ability to explain difficult points effortlessly.’ Civil Fraud, Legal 500 2018-2019

‘The consummate barrister.’ International Arbitration (Counsel), Legal 500 2018-2019

‘A brilliant advocate.’ Professional Negligence, Legal 500 2018-2019

"The consummate business trial lawyer, who is remarkable when examining witnesses, excellent in his oral and written submissions, and great at dealing with clients." "He has a wonderful way with people." Chambers UK 2018 - Commercial Dispute Resolution

"Very bright and very eloquent. He has the confidence of judges." "A very smooth operator."  Chambers 2019 - Fraud: Civil

"Laurence has an unassuming and down-to-earth style which belies his fierce intellect. He masters the detail of a case incredibly quickly and always adds significant value, both with his advice and as a tactician." "He is as impressive as his reputation suggests - an absolute superstar." Chambers UK 2018  - Banking and Finance

"He is confident but not arrogant, gives clear advice and is very client-friendly." "Very much a new-style QC, he's a team player who can pick out the key points from a raft of documents." Chambers UK 2018 - Energy & Natural Resources

"A top-class advocate. We come to him with complex problems. He is quiet, calm and gets straight to the answer." Chambers UK 2018 - International Arbitration: General Commercial and Insurance 

A stellar barrister who is renowned for being one of the very best that the Bar in London has to offer. He takes the lead in many of the highest profile case. "He is very approachable, gives sound and practical advice ad commands a lot of respect among his peers." "He wears his phenomenal intellect lightly and has huge charm." Chambers UK 2017 - Commercial Dispute Resolution

Widely considered one of the pre-eminent silks of the London Bar with an outstanding reputation as a brilliant advocate capable of handling the most complex and intricate disputes with aplomb. "He is fantastic. He has a sort of intellectual courage, a willingness to confront difficulties in his own case." "He can cover in a day issues that would normally take a leader a month. Judges have deferred to him." Chambers UK 2017 - Banking and Finance

'He masters the detail of cases incredibly quickly and always adds significant value both with his advice and as a tactician. He is very good with clients too.' 'He has an incredibly incisive analytical mind, coupled with hugely reassuring client handling skills.' Chambers UK 2017 - Civil Fraud

'He has an outstanding ability to formulate a case in a way which will have maximum appeal.' 'First and foremost he is one of the nicest gentleman at the bar. He is incredibly good with a solicitor or a client, and very, very hard-working and clever.' Chambers UK 2017 - Energy and Natural Resources

Widely considered by clients and peers as a 'legend of his generation.' 'Laurence is a completely stellar barrister. He has an outstanding ability to formulate a case in way which will have a maximum appeal to the tribunal.' Chambers UK 2017 - Internation Arbitration: Commercial & Insurance