Corporate Social Responsibility

One Essex Court is committed to its support of socially responsible initiatives, and is pleased to contribute towards, and partner with, a number of charitable organisations and outreach programmes; examples of which can be seen below.


  • RARE Recruitment – One Essex Court engages with RARE, a specialist recruitment company which offers a Contextualised Recruitment System (CRS), designed and built to enable employers to develop a calibrated and properly balanced approach to the process of evaluating pupillage applications.
  • Bridging the Bar – One Essex Court is proud to be a partner of the Bridging the Bar mini-pupillage scheme. Bridging the Bar is a charity committed to the promotion of equal opportunities and diversity at the Bar, at all professional levels.
  • Mentoring for Underrepresented Groups: a scheme run by Commercial Barristers’ Chambers – One Essex Court is pleased to be working with nine other sets of Chambers in support of a mentoring scheme, which aims to support and encourage individuals from groups which are underrepresented at the Bar of England and Wales (and in particular the Commercial Bar) to pursue careers as barristers. More information can be found here.
  • Women at the Commercial Bar: Mentoring scheme – One Essex Court is pleased to offer a mentoring scheme for potential applicants to the Commercial Bar to connect with a female barrister who can share their experiences and provide career guidance. The scheme includes opportunities for successful mentees to have one-to-one meetings with mentors through the course of the year, and participate in a skills afternoon to build on application, interview and advocacy skills. More information can be found here.


  • Advocate - One Essex Court is a Silver Circle Pro Bono Patron of Advocate, a charity that matches members of the public who need free legal help to volunteer barristers.
  • Free Representation Unit (FRU) – One Essex Court continues to provide financial contributions to this charity which provides free legal representation for the public.
  • Pro Bono Connect - Chambers continues to support this scheme set up by Jamie Goldsmith QC which matches barristers/solicitors acting pro bono in civil matters to individuals, charities and community groups who cannot afford legal advice/representation. In addition to Jamie Goldsmith QC, a number of other barristers from One Essex Court are currently involved with the scheme, including Eleanor Campbell, Andrew Lodder, James MacDonald, Simon Gilson and Marcos Dracos.
  • Temple Music Foundation – One Essex Court is a patron of the Temple Music Foundation, a charitable organisation that supports the development of music with the Temple and contributes resources, where possible, towards the education of the Temple Church’s choristers.