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Christopher Style KC


Call 2012 Silk 2006

Christopher Style is a King's Counsel and arbitrator practising at One Essex Court.  He has 45 years experience of international dispute resolution, including acting as counsel and as arbitrator in institutional and ad hoc references involving many systems of law and with seats in many of the centres of international arbitration. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Chairman of the Board of the LCIA and a member of the LCIA Court. He is also a CEDR accredited mediator.

Between 1977 and 2012 Christopher practised at an international law firm.  He acquired solicitor's higher courts rights in 1997 and was appointed silk in 2006.  His practice has included disputes in many of the principal industry sectors, including banking and finance, energy and resources, construction and infrastructure, professional services, shipping and commodities, transport, hospitality and leisure, insurance, healthcare and pharmaceuticals and technology and telecommunications.  He was called to the Bar to develop his practice as arbitrator in international commercial arbitration.

Christopher enjoys wide market recognition. 

  • Examples of Recent Cases

    • Banking and Finance

      • Dispute relating to the enforcement of a promissory note in a trade finance fund raising issues of illegality and public policy (HKIAC, Hong Kong).
      • Claims under credit facility agreements to fund the purchase of property involving alleged breach of UCC funding statement (LCIA, London)
      • Challenge by bank to validity of termination of agreement between shareholders to a Mauritian bank (ICC, London)
      • Dispute between asset managers concerning amounts due upon termination of various investment management agreements (LCIA, London)
      • Claim by lending banks for amounts due from an industrial group in Greece under revolving bond loan facility agreement (LCIA, London)
      • Claim by private equity house for damages for breach of subscription and shareholders agreement relating to an investment in a toiletries business in India (LCIA, London)
      • Dutch bank seeking sale of grain in Kazakhstan pledged as security for amount due to lenders on termination of facilities agreement (LCIA, London)
      • Claims between US and Maldives parties to a money transfer agreement (UNCITRAL, London)
      • Claim for damages for breach of SPA relating to a bank in Ukraine turning on validity of central bank consent (LCIA, London)
      • Claim against Korean bank as guarantor following termination of construction agreement for the design, engineering and construction of an oil tanker (ICC, Singapore)
      • Claim under guarantee by Russian company of loan by French bank (LCIA, London)
    • Energy and Resources

      • Claims under offtake rights relating to the mining of lead-zinc-copper-gold-silver deposits under a mining concession in New South Wales (ICC, Sydney).
      • Dispute relating to fees due to consultants aring out of agreement for the supply of powerships to Cuba (ICC, Paris).
      • Claim for carry in production sharing agreement relating to the exploration and production of oil and gas in offshore block in Mexico (LCIA, London)
      • Claim for breach of JOA relating to an oil and gas concession off the coast of Brazil (LCIA, London)
      • Dispute concerning calculation of completion consideration under SPA relating to upstream oil and gas exploration and production operations in Mexico (ICC, London)
      • Liability for true-up of price fluctuations under pricing formula for LNG sales for delivery in Mexico (ICC, London)
      • Dispute as to the operation of withdrawal/default provisions in JOA relating to a hydrocarbon development in North Africa (ICC, Geneva)
      • Claim under stabilization clause in production sharing contract relating to a petroleum mining licence in respect of an offshore block in Africa (ad hoc, Nigeria)
      • Claims for breach of a JV for the manufacture and sale of heat recovery steam generators in Saudi Arabia (UNCITRAL, London)
      • Dispute under farmout agreement providing for the assignment of an interest in a production sharing agreement and the drilling of a well in Azerbaijan (LCIA, London)
      • Claim for breach of a participation agreement providing for a consortium to explore and develop an upstream gas project in Angola (LCIA, London)
      • Claim for restitution of shares in a copper mine in Armenia (LCIA, London)
      • Warranty claim under SPA providing for the sale  of a zinc/lead mine in Macedonia arising out of a liability to withholding tax (LCIA, London)
      • Damages for repudiatory breach of agreement for the conversion of a gas fired simple cycle power station in Iraq to a gas fired combined cycle technology (ICC, London)
      • Claim by BVI purchaser for advance payment due under JV for the operation of an emerald mine in Zambia (ICC, London)
      • Dispute under purchase order for the supply of process skids to a natural gas processing unit in Brazil (ICC, London)
      • Claim by Mauritian investor for damages for wrongful termination of joint development project in Cote d’Ivoire (LCIA, London)
      • Claim to forfeiture of participating interest in an oilfield in Tajikstan (ICC, Geneva)
      • Amount due under indemnity in contract for the supply of personnel to a gas processing plant in Algeria in respect of claims brought by or on behalf of personnel following a terrorist attack (ICC, London)
      • Claim for loss of drilling equipment following a riot at an iron ore mine in Guinea (ICC, London)
      • Challenge by BVI company to forfeiture of participating interest in an oil and gas project in Indonesia following failure to pay cash calls (SIAC, Singapore)
      • Claim by Swiss seller for damages for repudiation of contract for the sale of Indonesian steam coal by Indian purchaser (LCIA, London)
      • Dispute between UAE companies relating to the development of oilfields in Iraq (LCIA, London)
      • Claim against Cayman energy provider on termination of oil and gas supply agreements (LCIA, London)
    • Mergers and Acquisitions, Joint Ventures and Shareholder Disputes

      • Dispute as to the construction of Mem and Arts in the context of a proposed restructuring (ICC, London).
      • Claim under shareholders agreement resulting from the blocking of payment of dividends in a Russian company and the impact of sanctions on the replacement of directors (LCIA, London).
      • Dispute as to valuation of shares in an online travel business following the exercise of a put option (LCIA, London)
      • Post-acquisition dispute involving claims under tax warranties in an SPA (LCIA, London)
      • Claim under loan agreement arising out of joint venture for the development of real estate projects in Poland (LCIA, London)
      • Claim for breach of a JV for the construction of a plant for the manufacture of Heat Recovery Steam Generators in Saudi Arabia (UNCITRAL, London.
      • Claim to right of first offer under shareholders agreement providing for a JV to acquire a strategic logistics company in Russia with interests in ports, rail and shipping (LCIA, London)
      • Dispute concerning the exercise of a put option in respect of shares in a JV engaged in data and record management in India (SIAC, Singapore)
      • Challenge to termination of franchise for the sale of Australian ice cream and yoghurt in China (ICC, London)
      • Warranty claim by private equity purchasers of a chain of supermarkets in Korea and post-closing accounting adjustments (ICC, London)
      • Two consolidated cases involving challenges to the validity under UAE law of certain resolutions passed by two related JV vehicles and the resulting change of control (DIAC, Dubai)
      • Dispute between US and Turkish parties to a non-competition agreement relating to investments in a chain of drugstores in Turkey (ICC, London)
      • Claim for amount due on sale of an interest in a UAE construction company (DIAC, Dubai)
      • Claim under shareholders agreement concerning a jointly owned business for the provision of educational services through schools and vocational courses of higher education in Sweden (SCC, Stockholm)
    • Construction and Infrastructure

      • Claim for delay payments relating to the development of a floating FLNG facility offshore Senegal after the COVID-19 pandemic led to claims for force majeure (LCIA, London).
      • Delay, prolongation and disruption claims arising out of the construction of a combined cycle gas turbine power plant in Malaysia (ICC, Singapore).
      • Claims for delay and prolongation arising out of the construction of a processing facility in Saudi Arabia (ICC, London).
      • Claim for repudiatory breach of an EPC contract relating to an RLE plant in Russia (LCIA, London).
      • Claims under framework purchase agreement relating to photo-voltaic panels for use in solar panel installations around the world (LCIA, London)
      • Negligence claim relating to construction of a polypropylene plant in Saudi Arabia following explosion caused by use of blowdown system while valve to flare was closed (ICC, London)
      • Claim under SPA for the sale of shares in a cement manufacturer in the Philippines (ICC, Zurich)
      • Delay claims relating to the development of a shopping mall in Abu Dhabi (DIFC-LCIA, DIFC)
    • Professional Services

      • Claim for negligent advice in relation to the restructuring of a high yield bond in the course of a private equity transaction (LCIA, London)
      • Claim for amount due under accountancy partners’ early withdrawal scheme (LCIA, London)
      • Claim under law firm’s partnership agreement (ad hoc, London)
    • Shipping and Commodities

      • Claim under charterparty relating to floating natural gas liquefaction and LNG storage and offloading unit in Argentina (LCIA, London)
    • Transport, Aviation

      • Claim under right of first offer under shareholder agreement relating to a JV to acquire shares in a Russian logistics company with investments in ports, rail and shipping (LCIA, London)
      • Dispute under termination agreement relating to arrangements for the supply of air to air refuelling systems (LCIA, London)
      • Claims under contract relating to supply to the airforce of airborne surveillance system (SCC, Stockholm)
      • Valuation under a call option deed of shares in a Russian transportation and logistics business (LCIA, London)
      • Claim for damages for supply of defective material for use in the manufacture of military and commercial aircraft (ICC, Paris)
    • Hospitality and Leisure

      • Claim for amounts due for the management of a hotel in Doha (SIAC, Paris).
      • Dispute concerning licence to broadcast films in the UAE and minimum standards provision in avail list (DIFC-LCIA, DIFC)
      • Claim under SPA relating to the lease of an island in the Seychelles and the construction of a hotel and holiday villas (LCIA, London)
      • Dispute under a contract for the management of a hotel in Saudi Arabia (ICC, London)
      • Claim for unlawful termination of contract for the development of motion picture entertainment centres in Madrid and New York (ICC, London)
      • Claim for an indemnity following an increase by the Greek state of its participation in and taxes on betting and gaming (LCIA, London)
      • Claim by the operator of a hotel at the Dubai marina for breach of the management agreement (DIFC-LCIA, Dubai)
      • Challenge to a Danish company’s termination of a contract for the management of a hotel in Dubai (ICC, Dubai)
      • Damages for breach of management agreement relating to a hotel in Zanzibar resulting in poor returns (ICC, London)
    • Insurance

      • Claim arising out of a failure to indemnify an insured in respect of a lawsuit in Texas arising out of the blowout of an oil well in Iraq (LCIA, London)
      • Coverage dispute under generic products patent infringement excess casualty insurance policy involving Israeli pharmaceutical company and Swiss insurers (ad hoc, London)
    • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

      • Claims relating to ownership of patent family/utility models used in Rabies and COVID-19 vaccines (WIPO, London).
      • Claim for non-delivery of pharmaceutical products and force majeure defence based on COVID pandemic (ICC, London)
      • Claims by US and Hong Kong providers of pharmacy benefit solutions under JV and licence contract for the supply of healthcare IT consultancy services and software to pharmacies in the GCC (DIFC-LCIA, DIFC)
      • Dispute relating to incentive fees due from a Japanese life science business under optimization agreement based on savings in purchasing function (ICC, London)
    • Technology and Telecommunications

      • Dispute concerning exercise of call option relating to shares in a Bulgarian satellite TV provider (UNCITRAL, London)
      • Claim for amount due under SPA for the sale of a Ukraine telco (LCIA, London)
      • Damages by Japanese company to enforce put option in shareholders agreement relating to interests in an Indian telco (LCIA London)
      • Spanish technology company seeks specific performance by Cypriot company of call option over shares in two Russian telcos (LCIA, London)
      • Dispute between UAE and Chinese companies concerning fees due under facility to fund mobile telephony in Zimbabwe (LCIA, London)
  • What the Directories Say

    "He is highly experienced and very efficient." (Chambers & Partners 2024)

    "He is wonderfully bright, very efficient and fair; nothing fazes him." (Chambers & Partners 2024)

    He’s exceptional, you get an award in two weeks… commercial and pragmatic…thorough and thoughtful.” (Chambers & Partners 2023)

    “Probably the most efficient Chair there is. Wide knowledge… and always quick to pick up the important issues.” (Legal 500 2023)

    “an excellent arbitrator, very effective, a very disciplined individual.” (Who’s Who 2023)

    “Very efficient and very calm in his manner…on top of developments in arbitration law…absolutely first class” (Chambers & Partners 2022)  

    “Quick, efficient and decisive” (Legal 500 2022)

    “An absolutely excellent arbitrator…very organised and always on top of his cases…very impressive” (Who’s Who 2022)

    “So bright, well prepared, really organised and writes beautiful awards”…"Superb, really clever and fair. He’s everything you would want in an arbitrator” (Chambers & Partners 2021)  

    “Smart, efficient and bright- an excellent chair” (Legal 500 2021)  

    "A very able arbitrator and a big name…a superb practitioner” (Who’s Who 2021)  

    "He is efficient, dedicated and really bright. A no-nonsense, firm Chairman." (Chambers & Partners 2020)

    "One of the best arbitrators; handles disputes calmly, fairly and with authority." (Legal 500 2020)

    “A brilliant lawyer and a pleasure to work with”; peers commend his “outstanding awards”. (Who's Who 2020)  

    "Bright, very good at the detail and really hard-working. He has a nice manner about him." (Chambers & Partners 2019) 

    "An outstanding presiding arbitrator who demonstrates a close mastery of the file." (Legal 500 2019)

    intellectually first class, with a firm grasp of both detail and procedure” and someone who is “able to handle some very knotty issues.” (Who’s Who 2019)  

    "He is absolutely first class. Really bright and organised with a very good manner." (Chambers & Partner 2018) 

    "Efficient, sensible and an excellent tribunal chair." (Legal 500 2018)

    "A firm favourite for many market sources, who consider him "energetic, effective and a pleasure to work with". (GAR 2018)

    "He draws high praise for his outstanding work." (Who's Who 2018) 

    "Very responsive. He has a pleasant demeanour, is open to both parties and makes you feel you're getting a fair hearing." (Chambers & Partners 2017)

    "A very organised and efficient chairman who gets to the heart of the matter patiently and in an agreeable fashion." (Legal 500 2017)

    “One of the country’s foremost arbitrators. Demonstrates expertise in all aspects of commercial arbitration.” (GAR 2017)

     "Smart, supremely organised and a real pleasure to work with."(Who's Who 2017)


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