A Career as a Commercial Barrister - A Great Choice for Women

One Essex Court is delighted to announce a collaborative programme of events directed at issues of diversity in recruitment to the commercial Bar.  Together with Brick Court Chambers, Essex Court Chambers and Fountain Court Chambers, we hosted our first event on 12 November 2019 in Oxford under the headline, “A career as a commercial barrister: a great choice for women”.  Women from all four sets gave short presentations about their working lives and work/life balance, and students had an opportunity to network with barristers.  The event was introduced by Dame Sara Cockerill DBE, one of the few women High Court judges to sit in the Commercial Court.  This was the first in a planned series of events across a number of universities.  All – men and women, law and non-law students – are welcome at these events.  

For more information please see our flyer and website page.