FAQs - Videos

We are frequently asked the same questions by prospective pupils at law fairs, open evenings, and the like.

So we have gathered together answers from some of our tenants.

In the videos below, you can see Simon Colton QC give his take on the work of the Commercial Bar; KV Krishnaprasad speaks about how to pick a set of Chambers; Emma Jones provides some tips on how to complete a pupillage application form; Anna Boase QC discusses what to expect in a pupillage interview at One Essex Court; Veena Srirangam talks about life as a pupil at One Essex Court; and Alyssa Stansbury tells you about life as a junior tenant at One Essex Court.

If you have other questions – please get in touch.

The work of the Commercial Bar by Simon Colton QC

How to pick a set of Chambers by KV Krishnaprasad

How to complete a pupillage application by Emma Jones

What to expect in a One Essex Court pupillage interview by Anna Boase QC

Pupillage at One Essex Court by Veena Srirangam

Life as a junior tenant by Alyssa Stansbury