Force majeure in relation to contracts by Ben Zelenka Martin

In this webinar, Ben Zelenka Martin talks about the operation of force majeure clauses in English law, both generally and in the context of COVID-19. The talk explores: (i) the principles governing the operation of force majeure clauses in English law; (ii) different forms of wording found in standard force majeure clauses; (iii) the impact of COVID-induced supply constraints; and (iv) whether deposits and advance payments would have to be repaid in the event of force majeure.

The talk is based on a note Ben wrote with Jamie Goldsmith QC and James Fox, which can be accessed here: https://www.oeclaw.co.uk/news/view/force-majeure-clauses-and-covid-19

Ben Zelenka Martin is a commercial barrister with experience in corporate advisory work and complex litigation, including shareholder disputes and civil fraud claims.